From the P21 Framework

Information, Media and Technology Skills: 

Today we live in a technology and media-suffused environment with:
1) access to an abundance of information,
2) rapid changes in technology tools, and
3) the ability to collaborate and make individual contributions on an unprecedented scale.
To be effective in the 21st century, citizens and workers must be able to create, evaluate, and effectively utilize information, media, and technology.

How to get your Digital Certificates in Information.
How to get your Digital Certificates in Media.

How to get your Digital Certificates in Technology.

Key Questions
  • What is the Flipped Classroom?
  • What are the top 10 technology tools educators should be using?
  • What are the top 10 technology tools students should be using?

Level 1 Download Software

Level 2 Create an Online Presence
To get this badge, you must first open a Gmail account and then use that account to open all the other accounts.  If you already have a Gmail account that you want to use for creating your professional online presence, you do not need to open another one.  If you do not want to open a Gmail account or use the services suggested, you can use any similar services you want to create your professional online presence, but note that you will have to transfer the skills learned here to the services you prefer to use.  

Level 3 Go Social
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